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Home Wedding Set Up 

Price starts from $300

Our home dais is without a platform/stage. The set up includes: 


  1. A themed carpet as a base.

  2. Wooden-themed bench for bride and groom.

  3. Wooden crates with pillows and lights as decor.

  4. Lighted backdrop with luscious curtains and leaves as decor or decorated arch.

Available optional add-ons: 

  1. Wooden platform abstracted from wooden pallet.

  2. Fresh flower bouquets

  3. Berkat / Wedding favours 

Do contact us to find out more of the add-on charges! 

Contact us to enquire more:

contact@packddsg.com | 6909 9754

9855 1835 (enquiries Whatsapp hotline)

Home Wedding 4-in-1 Package

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