Packdd's Care Bag

In-view of the current advisory - our elders are of the more vulnerable group to virus and it is advised to assist them with their essential marketing

Packdd’s new initiative called Packdd Care Bag is to assist the elders and in-need during this time of crisis.

You may choose to purchase it for yourself, an elderly that you know or contribute to an anonymous elderly / in-need selected by Packdd.

Each bag is available for purchase includes: 


  • Packdd Customised Tote Bag, which filled with;

  • 1 kg Rice

  • 1 can of Sardines 

  • 1 packet of Cream Biscuits

  • 1 packet of Sugar 
    (Do note that products brands may differ from the picture.
    Pictures are for illustration only.)

Place your order now for only $18 and receive a special $30 credit for our Picnique service (applicable only during Phase 2 of Singapore's post Circuit Breaker).


Thank you for your kind help towards the community!

We would like to assure everyone that safety & hygiene are observed at all times.


There will be minimal to possibly

zero physical contact.

Packdd Care Bag

FAQ on our Care Bag

Question: How does Packdd identify who are those in-need and the elders/seniors?

Packdd: Primarily, we aim to provide to those that are residing at 1-room HDBs. Alternatively, if you know of anyone that you would like us to delivery the gift to, do select Option A. 

If the response overwhelming, we will then consider donating our Care Bags to donation drives that will assist us better.


Question: What are the brands of the product being used?

Packdd: The photos provided are for illustration purposes. We may not necessarily use the exact same brand of product in every single bags as it also limits to what is currently available in the market.


Question: Can we donate or gift more than 1 bag? 

Packdd: Yes, you may and every bag counts! However, as our website form only accept 1 donation for now, do email or contact us if you would like to donate more than 1 bag - / 98551835