Our Collaborations & Other Services

Have a look at our collaborative packages with our preferred partners! Complete your event with more than just 1 service with just 1 great price!

A perfect picnic package @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

Packdd x Bee's Knees

Check out our Packdd x Bee's Knees packages here!

Packdd x Wild Matters

Add these beautiful Coleh-Bouquet (Collaboration) to your picnic or wedding set ups!

Check out our Packdd x Wild Matters collaborative bouquets here!

Add-on these invitation cards to your door gifts! 

Packdd x Thumblinda

Check out our Packdd x Thumblinda packages here!

Packdd x TakoHead

Love takoyaki? Add these yummy snacks to complete your event!

Check out our Packdd x Takohead packages here!

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