About Us - Packdd

We are just a few ordinary people that dream to make a special mark in ones' special occasion. We started with having a passion about small gifts. Now we have a bigger vision.

We aim to be a provider of nitty-gritty(s). Things that is not a major requirement but plays a big part to make your event or party a whole! 

So here at Packdd, we strive to create and offer variety.
We believe in creating every single gift and services from the heart - full of love.

And yes, we hope that we will make your event            !  

Some of our Testimonials 


"Loving the items and many thanks for the complimentary items as well! Thumbs up for service and punctuality. Will definitely engage again."


"Beautiful packaging and good quality! Thank you for the free gifts and good communications!"


“Great to deal with and prompt delivery. Pleasant transaction."


“Item delivered as described punctual. Very understanding even though I was a little confused with the meet up spot as I dont stay that area. Very friendly, definitely going to buy from them again!”

Meet the People!

Athari Zulkifli

Founder, Managing Director

The man behind the brand which overlooks the whole creative and operations aspect of the company.

Ain Muhidzir

Co - Founder, Executive Director

The co-founder and also the most important person that handles all the $$$ aspect of the company. 

Aeon Wong

Head of Marketing and Creatives

The one that loves sunflower seeds! 

He who works closely with the creative team and manages the marketing aspect of the company.

Syakir Ramli

Business Development & Sales Director

The man that stands at the sales front to bring Packdd further than where it is right now.

Bryan Tan

Operations Crew

The special tai-tai that does actual work. Yet, the most welcoming and helpful in his field of work.

Diyana Rosman

Creative Associate

The creative Sai Kang. The person that assists the Managing Director in all the creative and design aspect of the company.

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